Denni Arjona Soji (Voice)
Carmen Castillo Model: JUL/3Z - Codex (Vocals)
Juanito CastilloAdditional Engineering
Rudy CerdaSonny - Zas!(Vocals/Production/Co-Writing)
Sara Cobosxxochi - XXochitl (Vocals/FX)
Chris CuellarMima's Suitor (Voice)
Jesika Espiricueta Laura - Simonada (Vocals)
Ruben Farias Ruben - Simonada (Voice)
Nick Fausto The Seeker (Voice)
Derick Garcia Reporter - MUNDO (Voice)
Esteban Jordan III Holo-Esteban Jordan Sr. - XXochitl (Accordion/Additional Engineering)
Jonathan Leal Feliciano (Voice) Production/Vocals/Writing/Artwork
Issac De Leon Eric - La Mosca No Muere (Vocals)
Rune Longoria C.H.A.T.A. (Voice)
Eric Martinez Additional Engineering
Melli Medina Marina - MUNDO (Vocals)
Marcos Morales Ad Announcer (Voice)
Andy Peña René - Simonada (Vocals)
Ray Perez The Director (Voice)
Josué Ramírez Concept Artwork
Draven Rodriguez Yung Pharaoh - CODEX (Vocals)
Shawn Elliot Russell Merico de la Rocha PhD - CODEX (Vocals)
Danica Salazar Xochitl - XXochitl (Vocals)
Andres Sanchez Alvaro (Voice) /Artwork
Diana Tovar Lydia - Zas! (Vocals/Guitar/Production/Co-Writing)
Charlie Vela Psy-com/Raza-bot (Voice) Production/Vocals/Writing/Artwork

Group Vocals

Mundo Screams - Rune Longoria, Danielle Vela, Deni Arjona, Sadie Hernandez, Carmen Castillo, Melli Medina

Futuro Conjunto Choir - Arturo Alaniz III, Antonio Zamoralez, Donner Maldonado , Pete Luna , Sandra Herrera-Walker , Alvaro Arroyo , Diana Tovar , Rudy Cerda , Ray Perez , Jonathan Leal , Charlie Vela , Issac De Leon

Special Thanks

Cyndi Geerdes and Stanford’s Office of Community Engagement for the grant that made this possible.

John-Michael Torres for coming through with some beautiful instruments

Charlie would also like to thank:

Avery (for reminding me to believe that the future can be brighter), Jeanette (for unwavering support of each and every outlandish project I’ve ever started), and the beautiful people of the Rio Grande Valley (who inspire me endlessly through their strength, resiliance, and creativity.

Jonathan would also like to thank:

C. Starlin Lemons, RGV Family and Friends, Cherríe Moraga (for everything), Paula Moya (for “After the Apocalypse”), all advisors, mentors, colleagues, and friends for the guidance and support