El Centro Conmatizque

Our Mission:

In compliance with one of the founding decrees of Rio Cristal, in 2130, the appointed “History Managers” of the Central District pooled computing resources to create an exhaustive library of public memories. Modeled in part after Borges’s Library of Babel, from the beginning, ECC’s goal as an institution has been to preserve all local stories, myths, half truths, and tall tales across all conceivable media in order to preserve regional legacies on an increasingly inhospitable planet. Today, we continue this noble mission, providing all visitors to and residents of Rio Cristal with direct access to the data of yesteryear.


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Find Us

“One of the oldest buildings in the city, El Centro Conmatzique is located in the heart of Rio Cristal, in Building 2 along Canal Six, east of the H-E-B Skyrise. When you arrive at the door leading to the airlock, wave your palm over the stained-glass orb to gain access to the entrance lift.”


Our Helpful Staff

“ECC is staffed with the most attentive, patient, service-minded membots in the entire district. Designed specifically to help patrons navigate the maw of history, our staff, led by our receptive, award-winning Director, are here to help YOU find the records you’re searching for—no matter how arcane!”