Strawberry Daydream

Zone out with this strawberry horchata blended with smooth marshmallow cream and a dose of Liquid Sleep™.

Super Siesta

Drift off with BISABUELITA chocolate infused with chile árbol and two doses of Liquid Sleep™.

Alpha Wave Rejuvenation

Nod off with invigorating agua de jamaica blended with sage honey and three doses of Liquid Sleep™.

Staying up for a days-long bender in the archives? Need to freshen up before your night on the canal? Try one of our delectable R.E.M. restoration formulas, each of which will help flush the day’s (and night’s!) toxins from the deepest valleys of your noggin, leaving you sharp, refreshed, and downright dreamy.

Turbinium Powder

Bulk up like a Martian mining baron.

Quaid Shot

Open your mind to worlds of hidden memory.

Rekal Booster

Remember where you filed those missing access codes.